Acrylic on paper  6 x 8 ins approx

A fairly quick wash-in experimenting with interactive acrylic paint, I found it very freeing to splash around with water, rather than turps or mineral spirits which are both costly and toxic, and to be able to reactivate the paint when touch dry, more like oils. I’ll continue to play around with this medium to find out how it performs in other ways.

Broad daylight

10 x 14 ins: Acrylic on paper

This is a very quick value study going straight for the light, middle and dark tones and their relationship to each other across the figure and through the space. Very immediate using a big brush with just white and umber acrylic paint…strong daylight falling onto the model from the studio window…and little time to think!  Is it a painting…or a drawing in paint?

Pushing it

A3: Charcoal and wash

In an attempt to turn poor lighting conditions to advantage I deliberately under-exposed the photo of this drawing to make it all a general grey and then quickly erased most of the background in Photoshop to whiten it and leave the figure blocked in with an overall tone.

As a result this image is no longer true to the original drawing, being a combination of natural and digital media, but there’s something interesting here about ‘mistakes’ working if they look intentional and making the most of happy accidents to create something new.

Quick draw

A3: Charcoal and wash on paper

These are all fairly quick drawings, the two lower poses being about five minutes each, and the feinter washy ones at the top were one or two minutes.

It’s amazing how much can be done in a very short time to capture the gesture and mood of a pose.  There isn’t time to think. You just have to go for it and be spontaneous.

I had a good day today and enjoyed working quite fast.

Fast and loose

A3: Charcoal and wash on paper

I let the proportions get a bit out of hand here and was conscious of working quickly and relying on the values and the dark wash to do the work and make an impact. So now, without reference to the model, I can’t be sure where it’s all gone off, but the left leg certainly looks way longer than the right.

I think I need to concentrate on some disciplined measuring in my next few sessions to bring my eye and hand back in. They’re slipping!

Sitting pretty

A3 Charcoal on paper

I’m going away for a week and won’t be able to do any life drawing or post till I get back. This is one I did a few months ago. It keeps haunting me and maybe by posting it here the reason will become clearer…something to do with those sharp little straight lines and accents made with the edge of the charcoal.

Left to right

A3 Charcoal and wash on paper

I felt tired and niggly and was ready to pack it in and go home but thought, as the model was making the effort, that I’d give it one last go!  So I let myself off the old expectation hook by drawing mainly with my left hand which pulled me out of the doldrums into presence and the joy of simply looking and drawing with nowhere to get to.  I think this pleasure shows in the end result which has a loose kind of freshness about it.

Rare features

A3: Charcoal & wash on paper

Returning to drawing media after the oil wash-ins I feel the influence of the painting approach on my drawing. The tonal washes are bolder and looser and I really enjoy combining the line and wash like this.

And I even put in some facial features. Which is rare.