Spot the pattern

A3: Charcoal on paper

I trained as a textile print designer and created fabric designs for fashion houses for several years after I graduated.

A print design on paper has to give an idea of how it would repeat across the fabric when it’s printed, so a finished design will look as if it were cut out of  a larger area and give a sense of how the various motifs will recur.

This drawing has a leg going off the right-hand side…and coming back in on the left side, so that if you put the two edges together they would join up to complete the leg, just like a repeating design for a printed fabric.

As I was drawing the leg going off to the right I realised the space on the left was the perfect size and shape to contain the rest of the leg and feet…and it amused me to think of this image as a print design…very up-market and chic…maybe for a top couturier…

So now the question is…would you wear it? Assuming you could afford it of course ; )