A3 Charcoal on paper

In the studio…yet she could be lying by a pool on a summer’s day…trailing her fingers in the cool water…

And check out the foreshortening going on here. Measured vertically that hand is the same size as the head…and the hips!


What’s in an angle?

6 x 8 ins: Oil on canvas board

I’ve been drawing but haven’t photographed the most recent ones yet, so here’s another wash-in of the previous pose seen from another angle. I prefer the other one. It’s more dramatic.

Seeing Red

Oil on canvas board: 8 x 6 ins

I love the challenge of a dramatic pose like this. The red lines were a way of redefining and checking my drawing. The use of a strong Cadmium red was an experiment, partly to make the marks stand out against the Umber so I could see the alterations clearly but also to increase the drama and energy of the image.

I made some other studies and colour notes of this pose so I may paint a larger, more finished painting from these at some point…

Loose limbed

6 x 8 ins: Oil on board

Another wash-in. The pose is quite similar to the previous one, and the thing I struggled with in both of them was the model’s left leg which looks in each case like it somehow doesn’t belong. No matter how much I measued and checked that leg persisted in looking disturbingly unattached. It’s something to do with the viewer’s angle in relation to the pose and the weight of the hip sinking into the mattress and I just couldn’t get either of them to look right. I honestly think a photograph would have looked just as odd. Otherwise I quite like this as a study.