Stretching curling turning

A3: Charcoal and wash on paper

I enjoy the challenge of foreshortened poses and with this one it just seemed right to emphasise the length and movement through the body by framing the head fairly tightly into the top corner so the model’s torso and legs seem to unravel and extend down the page…or is she maybe curling up…or turning over?


A3: Charcoal on paper

So, having said I might like to focus a bit more on the head what do I do here? I leave it really vague and instead get all involved in the fascinating contrast between the light and shade on the shoulder and torso until the pose is over and there’s no time left.  What can you do? To me the head just wasn’t the most engaging aspect of this pose, in fact it seemed almost invisible, as if a veil of light had been thrown over it obscuring any detail.



A3: Charoal and wash on paper

I’ve never focused on just the the head before but this time I found it interesting to do that, and I like how it turned out, even though there’s very little detail, so it isn’t really a portrait, but I think it does capture something of the character and elegance of this particular model.

Portraiture is another discipline entirely, and one I’d certainly like to explore and develop…