Stillness moving

A3: Charcoal on paper

Here’s a very recent ‘composite’ drawing, a series of short poses drawn on top of each other, which has unwittingly become a bit of a trademark. I do them to save time and paper but that’s clearly not all. I really enjoy the inability to control the end result and the illusion of various figures appearing to relate with each other in fleeting moments…self seeming to dance with self.

I’m exploring this effect of ‘stillness moving’ in painting as well as drawing. It’s the closest I’ve come to expressing, through art, something of the nondual nature of experience…this oneness appearing to be many.

Art of movement

A3 Charcoal on paper

This model, Marina Tsartsara, is herself an accomplished artist who investigates “what makes bodies move” through her work in dance, installation, sculpture and performance.

Here, in our life drawing session, she made a series of movements from half-sitting to sitting on a chair. Her right hand, on the back of the chair, and the tips of her toes were the only fixed points around which she moved, pausing for a few moments in each position.