Got a minute…

A3: Ink wash on paper

These three one-minute sketches are each about 10.5 ins/27cm high and it’s all about capturing the gesture of a pose with a brush and ink…and fast!  The model moves into a new pose every minute and there’s no time to think so they’re a lot of fun to do.

I seem to have hurried the photography too. Must set up some kind of reflector system…or an A3 scanner would be cool!

No photos!

A3: Charcoal and wash on paper

The day I made this drawing I got into a bit of a wrangle with another club member who thought I was taking photographs of the model.  I was changing music tracks on my iPhone during the drawing session and she misread my actions.  She was right to question me.  I too feel strongly that it’s an absolute no-no to photograph a model without his or her express permission and co-operation, and ‘no photography’ is an important club rule.

I do enjoy listening to music though so I’ll have to remember to turn away from the model whenever I want to change a track!