Very Laid Back

A3: Charcoal & wash on paper

Here’s a bit of full-on foreshortening to kick off the New Year!

After a long break of no life drawing since summer I treated myself to four full days of  intensive untutored practice last week, so I feel like I’m just about back in gear.  And what an excellent way to spend that time between Boxing Day and New Year’s eve!

4 thoughts on “Very Laid Back

  1. Wandering through wordpress blogs on the tag “charcoal” I found this drawing. I really like it. i’ve been trying to hone my skills in life drawing and I’d have been proud to have drawn this for sure. Congratulations.

  2. Beautiful! Can I ask you, are you just adding water to the drawing for the wash or are you using ink? Also I was wondering if you are using watercolor paper or just regular newsprint or cartridge. Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawings 🙂

    • Sandrine, thank you. Yes I do add water and also ink. I like to play around with various media with charcoal as a base. I also use different kinds of paper but my preference is smooth hot pressed paper.
      I appreciate your questions and kind comments.

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