A3: Charcoal on Paper

The cut-out effect is the result of photographing the drawing in poor lighting, which made the whole thing a bit grey, then erasing the background area in Photoshop to lighten it.

I’ve sometimes done this on previous posts to clean them up a bit around the corners but it’s more obvious and deliberate-looking here, and I like how the soft grey links the three individual poses together to create an apparent group of figures.

2 thoughts on “Mediamix

  1. Nice, Dee! I’ve had the same thing happen… I just took them into photoshop, and in most cases I was able to fix it by changing light levels or with contrast correction. But I like the effect you have achieved here… I’m going to try that next time… Your guestures are GREAT!

  2. Thank you George!
    I sometimes find that changing levels etc isn’t enough to lose the grey edges without bleaching out or darkening the rest of the image. Someone suggested using a reflector…white paper, tin foil…to bounce more light across the drawing when taking the photos so I’ll give that a go to see if I can improve the lighting at the outset. Meanwhile I hope you have fun with the Photoshop thing! I like the effect too…and it’s another tool in our creative box!

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