Loose limbed

6 x 8 ins: Oil on board

Another wash-in. The pose is quite similar to the previous one, and the thing I struggled with in both of them was the model’s left leg which looks in each case like it somehow doesn’t belong. No matter how much I measued and checked that leg persisted in looking disturbingly unattached. It’s something to do with the viewer’s angle in relation to the pose and the weight of the hip sinking into the mattress and I just couldn’t get either of them to look right. I honestly think a photograph would have looked just as odd. Otherwise I quite like this as a study.


One thought on “Loose limbed

  1. Love it, love it, love it, Dee. Such fluency and verve. The line drawings touch me especially – such spontaneity and life with them. Left hand drawing is fun, isn’t it? Catherine

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